Expedition to the unknown/ Coming up next


During August I took the brilliant Coursera course Learning How to Learn by Dr. Barbara Oakley and Dr. Terrence Sejnowski from the University of California San Diego, which refreshed my fascination on the subject of learning, a subject I have a somewhat troublesome and ambiguous relationship to. While one the one hand I have always been interested in all kinds of aspects of the world and its dynamics, I never seemed to understand anything about it. I even felt I was lacking the ability to understand, that I only knew how to reproduce memorized words (passages, lists, mind maps etc.), instead of grasping the ideas behind them. Only now I begin to realize, that my understanding of how learning works, what the brain’s capacities and limits acutally are, has been pretty much wrong. On the search to gain a better insight into the mystery of learning I stumbled across the Coursera online platform and the 4-week course Learning How to Learn. It encouraged me so much that I changed my perspective and decided to launch this website on the matter.

You’re invited to be my guest on the expedition to the continent of learning. It really feels like an expedition to me, as if I was stepping on new, unknown territory… exciting!

As my experiences on the MOOC Learning How To Learn provide the base for this website, my first posts will explore what Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are, summarize the MOOC Learning How To Learn, discuss its key ideas in more depth and have a look on how my MOOCmates process the input.

Hope to see you there!